Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Getting started

For Google Slides:
You’ll get to preview all slides and resources in each template. To download a presentation, simply go to “Use a Google Slides Theme” and click on the button. And, when you click on “Copy the presentation,” it will automatically save the presentation to your Google Drive. You can now edit your presentation right away or customize it later.

For PowerPoint:
You’ll find the “Download a PowerPoint template” button next to the template preview. Simply click on it to save any template you like on your computer. Once done, you can edit right away or whenever at your convenience.

Yes, of course. You may use these templates for all your personal and commercial projects.

But, please refrain from the following:
Sublicense, sell or rent our SlidesTheme Content (including all modified versions)
Distribute SlidesTheme Content without our authorized permission
Place our Content in any of your online/offline database/file
Make SlidesTheme templates (and all its modified versions of templates) available for download
Obtain the copyright of any SlidesTheme Content

Find out more in our Terms & Conditions.

Yes, attributing SlidesTheme is a must. You can do this by keeping the “Thank You” slide on your credits page in your presentation.

Yes, you can. Our templates are editable for the most part unless you’re looking at a graphic element/resource from the design itself. For that, you’ll have to search that particular element in the master slide to download it.

What are master slides? These are slides with the complete layout, format, and structure of elements used in every single slide of a presentation. Editing a master slide in Google Slides is easy. Click on Slide → Edit master. To edit in PowerPoint, click on View → Slide Master.

You’ll notice 2 types of master slides. In the “Master,” you’ll choose and set the paragraph style which suits you — which means picking out the fonts, sizes, and colors to use. You will find 2 boxes for text in which you will input a title and body text. In this slide, you will also get to edit other elements that are fixed and will appear in your presentation. These elements include logo, background color, header, page number, and others.

In the “Layouts” slide, you will find the design and the structure of elements that appear on all sides of your presentation.

The fonts on Google Slides are sourced from Google Fonts. You don’t need to download them when on Google Slides. But if you are working on a PowerPoint template, installing fonts may be necessary.

You will need to download all available styles used in a template to avoid any unnecessary typography issues. That said, you can easily make changes by merely closing the presentation and then opening it again to edit. Do refer to “Can I use my own fonts” in the template to find out how to install fonts from Google Fonts.

You are automatically granted access to our templates. Despite that, some Google Account users might face difficulties with getting permission to copy these templates. These are usually school or company accounts. If you encounter such an issue, do refer to the following solutions:

Use your personal Google Account instead.
Step 1: Get your company/school admin to whitelist: //
Step 2: You can download the template you like as a PowerPoint file first.
Step 3: Once done, convert it to Google Slides.

Check out our “Converting Presentations from PowerPoint to Google Slides” tutorial to learn more. You may also contact us at for further assistance.

You may do so for templates that are available in different color palettes. These are the ones with color variants that are editable according to your preference. The circles below the thumbnail can be easily identified, which will reveal the selected variant currently adapted to the slide when you click on it.

You will find “Themes” when selecting a template with color variants on the right side of your screen. Similarly, clicking on the circles below will bring you to the preview of the template adapted to a selected palette. Pick the best palette for your presentation and simply click on “Use a Google Slides Theme” or “Download a PowerPoint Template” to adapt to this color.

Do I need to credit SlidesTheme if I use infographics from a template in a presentation that was not created using a SlidesTheme template?
Yes, you’ll need to attribute SlidesTheme for the design by crediting us in your slides to use any of our infographics in your presentation.

How can I get unlimited downloads?
Firstly, you’ll need to register an account with us. Otherwise, you’re only allowed to download 2 templates, and that will be minimal. To find out how to create an account, go to “How do I register on SlidesTheme?”

How do I register on SlidesTheme?
It’s easy. Click on the “Sign in” button and follow the instructions. When you sign in for the first time, you’ll be required to link your Google Account, or any social media account to SlidesTheme. Once that is done, you can log in to our site with a chosen account linked to SlidesTheme.

Yes, you can easily add templates to your favourite list once you are registered with us. It is simple to do. After finding the template you like, simply click on the ‘heart button’ to save it. You can easily view your saved list by clicking “Favorites” on your profile option. It’s really that easy!

Sure you can. As a registered user, you can conveniently access your download history at any time. Go to profile options > click on “History”. A list of your previously downloaded templates will pop up.

Editing your presentation

There are two ways to do it:

1. Duplicate an existing slide.
Select the slide that you want to duplicate → right-click → Duplicate

2. Create a new slide.
For Google Slides, you can either:
–  Press Ctrl + M (Windows) or Cmd + M (Mac) to create a copy of the selected slide;
–  Right-click on the slide’s thumbnail → New Slide; or
–  Go to the top bar → select Slide → New Slide

For PowerPoint, you can either:
–  Press Ctrl + M (Windows) or Cmd + M (Mac) to create a copy of the selected slide;
–  Right-click on a slide → select New Slide; or
–  Go to the top bar → select Home → New Slide

For more information, please refer to our tutorial on “How to add, duplicate, move, delete or hide slides” for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Also, did you know that you can change the layout of the slides? Check out “How do I change the layout?”

You can do any of the following:

  1. Go to the top bar in Google Slides → dropdown Layout menu → select the layout you want. In PowerPoint, this option is located within the Home tab.
  2. Right-click on the slide you want to change → Apply layout (Google Slides) or Layout (PowerPoint) → select the option you want.
  3. In Google Slides, select the slide you want to change → click on Slide → Apply layout and select the option you want.

For more information, please refer to our tutorial on “How to change the design / layout” for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Yes! Select a graphic element and look for “Fill color” or “Border color” in the top bar. To edit only part of the graphic element, double-click on it → select only the part you want to edit, or right-click → Ungroup.

To change the background color, select the slide → go to the top bar → click on Background (Google Slides), or right-click on the slide → Format Background (PowerPoint).

Sometimes, you’ll find images that are not editable because they’re in PNG. You can replace them with your own images if you like.

If you’re still unable to edit some resources in a particular slide, you probably need to do it from the master slide. Find out how here: “Is everything in the template editable?”

Graphic elements in SlidesTheme are usually grouped so that it’s faster to work with.

To edit the elements individually, use them separately or delete an element from the group, you first need to ungroup them.

Select the elements/group → press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + G (Google Slides) or Ctrl + Shift + G (PowerPoint).

To regroup the elements, press Ctrl + Alt + G (Google Slides) or select all the elements → right-click → Group (PowerPoint).

Yes! Just delete the photo in the SlidesTheme template to upload your own. Then go to the top bar → click on Insert → Image.

It’s slightly different for image(s) on the master slide. Find out more here: “Can I edit everything in the template?”

If you cannot edit an image at all, then it is probably part of the background. To change the background, right-click on the slide → choose Change Background. Now you can insert your own photo or image.

Also, for images with a specific cropping style, you will not be able keep the style in PowerPoint when you replace them. Google Slides however, lets you do so. There are two ways:

  1. Go to the top bar → click on Replace image; or
  2. Right-click on the image → Replace image.

On the last slides, you will find all the resources you are free to use: icons, graphics, maps, etc. To use them, simply choose the one you want, copy it, and paste it where needed. Select the icon to change its size and colors.

Please note that graphic elements cannot be part of a text.

You can search and download more vectors, icons, and designs at

It is listed on the last few pages of every SlidesTheme template. Check it out!

It’s probably because of a version mismatch where the font you installed is from another site instead of Google Fonts. If you want the exact design as it appears in our template, download the fonts directly from Google Fonts.

For Google Slides, only fonts from Google Fonts are allowed. To add another Google Font to your presentation, select text → go to Fonts → More fonts → pick a font.

For PowerPoint, you’re free to use any font installed on your system. You can also download and use fonts from Google Fonts! Here’s how:

– Look for the Resources page in your template to access that particular font at Google Fonts.
– Click on the red “+” button (“Select this font”) located in the top-right corner. You will see the text “1 Family Selected” at the bottom of the screen.
– Usually, only the “regular” style is selected. If you want more font styles i.e. bold or italic, click on the Customize tab → select the styles you want.
– Click on the Download button found in the top-right corner and install it on your computer.
– Restart your PowerPoint program, and your new font is in!

Note: Each time you change the default template font, the layout might be affected and may require readjustment.

Yes! You can add a whole template or parts of it into another presentation template. Just copy and paste the slides you want.

To replace the theme of your presentation with another from a Google Slides presentation, dropdown the Theme menu → click on Import theme → select the theme.

Note: After replacing the theme with another in Google Slides, the default template theme will be deleted.

To replace the theme of your presentation with another one from a PowerPoint presentation, go to the top bar → click on the Design tab → dropdown the Themes menu → click on Browse for Themes → select the template.

For more information, please refer to our tutorial on “How to add/change themes?” for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Yes. In the master slide (first slide), create a text box without any placeholder, then upload an image in it or add the element you want as your header/footer.

All SlidesTheme graphs are editable. You can modify the data by changing its colors and shapes.

All SlidesTheme templates are designed with an aspect ratio of 16:9. To change the aspect ratio in Google Slides, go to the top bar and click on File → Page setup → choose the ratio that you want in the dropdown menu.

In PowerPoint, click on the Design tab → go to the Customize panel and dropdown the Slide Size menu. Set the aspect ratio you want for your presentation.

Note: You may need to readjust the images individually in the master slides if they still get distorted after you’ve changed the aspect ratio.

For more information, please refer to our tutorials on “How to change the slide size?” for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Other frequently asked questions

Not necessarily! Customize the presentation however you like as long as you keep the slide where the credits appear.

Yes! SlidesTheme designs are compatible with PowerPoint presentations; however, there may be some issues or a slight variation with how certain parts of the designs may appear during the conversion. If you need to know, check out:

It’s alright, you can always check out their support pages. We’ve listed a few popular ones for your quick reference:

For Google Slides, go to the top bar and click on File → Download as → PDF document (.pdf). In PowerPoint, go to File → Save As → choose PDF format in the dropdown menu.

For more information, please refer to our tutorial on “How to export your presentation as a PDF file?” for Google Slides and PowerPoint respectively.

If you need answers to your unanswered questions, please feel free to email us at We’ll do our best to assist you there.